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our story

Sweetheart Shout Out was started in 2010 by husband and wife design duo Tara & Phillip.  Since then they have worked with hundreds of creative/wacky couples on perfecting their wedding ideas and have had opportunities to work on other creative projects and ventures.  But as it turns out, pursuing creativity in life can lead one to evolve and create new dreams. Our story is one about an evolution into a new balance of life. Our preparations have been years in the making and we're proud to have created a new title for ourselves. 

We are "Road Designers!"

road designer?  



Being a road designer literally means that we are on the road travelling with our family and enjoying our life as inspiration for our work.  Phillip and I have 3 kiddos, multiple businesses and each have our own wandering spirit that isn't always content with sitting in an office or in front of a computer all day.  We also have had a long standing dream of having the time to be a bigger part of our children's education and lives.  So we decided to do it. For years we have been altering our businesses to operate in ways that would only require internet connection and altering our lives not to accumulate more things. When the time came, we picked up a trailer, sold most everything and hit the road with the intention of experiencing the US in a whole new way, homeschooling our kids, and running our businesses from the road.

meet the designers




* design sweetie

Hi! I'm Tara, your friendly travelling designer. You know me most for wedding design, but I also love putting my skills to the test, pursuing other creative and entrepreneurial projects including app and product design and body painting. I try to play hard whenever I'm not otherwise occupied, exploring new places, practicing slack lining and convincing others to find weird or delicious snacks with me. I really like to climb trees and jump off of stuff and chances are you will see me in my beloved Seattle Super Sonics hat.

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* rugged design man

Why do I design wedding invitations? Maybe I’m trying to make up for the horrible invitations we had at our own wedding. Tara went to Namibia for a study abroad program and got back a mere 3 weeks before our nuptials. Of course, she left the invitations up to me. I will not regale you with a description of how bad they were. The reaction of her friends when she received her copy is more than telling. A sharp gasp and then a hush falls across the crowd...Finally someone asks

“Tara, are you going to be ok?”

So now, steeped in design and fueled with a desire to right the wrongs of the past, my mission is to design crisp, clean, elegant, and original invitations for your special day.

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real reviews

Sure, we've got a lot to say, but what do our customers think? Check out our 3rd Party reviews!

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