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wedding card etiquette

Have questions about the formalities of what cards to send and when?  Look no further. We’ve got it all spelled out, right here!

save the dates:

Save the Dates are a great way to build excitement about your wedding and are very important if you are inviting guests that live out of town or you are getting hitched on a holiday.  Make sure to give uncle, auntie, and cousins plenty of time to schedule vacation days and make travel and hotel arrangements!

You can send Save the Dates 6 months to a year prior to the wedding, but 3-4 months before the wedding is completely acceptable too!  The point is to give people advanced notice for your big event.  You can make the call how much advanced notice you think your guests might need.


A new trend in Save the Dates is to have a fun, bold announcement, that doesn’t necessarily match your more formal wedding invitation.  It could depict a crazier part of your personalities that you wouldn’t necessarily show on your wedding invitation.  So explore some rad Save the Dates, toy with the idea of having a custom Save the Date made up just for you, and hey, just go for it!

wedding invitations:

Wedding invitations are not just any old invitation to any old event.  They are how you tell the world about THE most important event in your life!  They should represent you and your sweetheart, while setting the mood for your shindig.

They should generally match the colors or your wedding, but every color and aspect of the design doesn’t need to match.  In design and fashion there’s something to be said about not being too “matchy, matchy”.  And guests will appreciate unique design and wording.  Photo Invitations are also a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your invitations.

RSVP cards:

RSVP cards are not just a cute formality.   They are an essential wedding planning tool.  How many people will come?  Are they bringing the entire high school basketball team?  Do you want an adults only event?  Help your guests know what to expect and who to bring and also get a head count for yourself.  Gather other important info, like meal choices or add some flair by asking for song requests.

RSVP’s are traditionally sent with a pre-stamped envelope for return.  But alas, times have changed and there are lots of other choices for you to have guests reply.  If you’re looking to save money and well, some trees, check out our exclusive phone/email RSVP cards.  They give your guests everything they need to reply by phone or email.  Website response is also a great way to have your guests reply.  Order a website insert card to give your guests your web address and have them reply online!

reception cards:

Many couples don’t have their wedding and reception at the same venue.  If that sounds like you then you might consider a reception card.  This card will clue them in to the location of the reception and other important details.

You want your guests to arrive quickly and safely to the reception, so do them a favor and add directions to the reception site from the ceremony.  You can also include details about the reception like where to park or even that the event will include cocktail hour, dinner, dancing and other festivities.

If you have a tough route, consider having a custom map made for your reception card.

ceremony cards:

If you are having an exclusive ceremony, these cards are a special way to invite your ceremony guests to the occasion.


Sometimes that small chapel or remote beach doesn’t fit 150-500 people or maybe you are having an intimate religious ceremony.  In any case, these cards help you to invite those you’d like to be present at your ceremony and leave the larger wedding invitation as an announcement of your marriage and invitation to everyone to your reception.

Ceremony cards are a Sweetheart Shout Out specialty so if you have any questions we’d be happy to help out!

registry cards:

Let’s face it.  Getting gifts is a definite perk to getting married.  And your guests WANT to start you off on the right foot with all the things you need for married life.  So make it easy on them and let them know where they can score you a rad present.


Your registry will allow you to list the places you’re registered at.  Hey, anything to avoid getting 7 toasters right?

website cards:

Wedding websites are quickly becoming a standard thing when it comes to weddings and we like it!  They are a fun free way to share photos, videos, and stories, and post wedding detail gold like directions, accommodations, and attire.

But what good is a website if your guests don’t know about it?  If you love the website idea, consider getting a small website card to include in your invitations to lead your guests to your awesome wedding website.

thank you cards:

A thank you is always stylish, even AFTER Labor Day...

Your family and friends have put in a lot of work into all those fittings, shopping sprees, dinners, showers, and parties.  Not to mention the ten hour flight and the 4 security patdowns.

Let your loved ones know you are grateful with a thank you note card.  They can match your wedding set, and also can double as a personalized stationary for after the honeymoon.

wedding programs:

A wedding program is distributed to your guests before the ceremony begins.  It typically gives information about the events taking place during the ceremony and lists out the names of important people in your ceremony such as parents, grandparents, the wedding party, and the person conducting the ceremony.

If there’s room consider some fun stuff like a note to your guests or a favorite quote.

Night and DayProgram Small Blue-100.jpg
Night and DayMenu Blue-100.jpg

Menus are a great finishing touch to a wedding table and who doesn’t get excited about seeing what’s going to be served!?  Include appetizers, entrees, desserts, drinks, and even your signature wedding cocktail on your own wedding menu.


And an added bonus is that your menu is designed to match all the other paper accessories you’ve ordered.  Your guests will be totally wowed to see everything from your invitations to your menus completely coordinated.

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